The Up Above Records Street Team consists of a nationwide group of dedicated heads united by the common goal of promoting the music that we all believe in. With small Street Teams throughout the country, members help to promote Up Above artists, new music, and Up Above events. Members are expected to provide reports and pictures of what they have done, and in return are given discounts on Up Above merchandise, early access to Up Above releases, and entrance to shows featuring Up Above artists whenever possible. Also, members of the street team are provided the opportunity to network and gain industry experience. If you feel you would be interested in becoming a member of a team in your area or even forming your own team please contact us at OR

Featured Team Member
July 2006
Eric (DJ REA)
San Diego, CA
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Eric has been holding it down for Up Above in San Diego for over a year. His dedication and enthusiasm has quickly made him one of our most trusted Street Team members. If you’ve seen Up Above promo in San Diego there’s a good chance that Eric or one of his homies is behind it. Peace to David, Dash, and Sean down in SD reppin with Eric as well. Big up BelSquared...One People Project. Give thanks!