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Jay Dee
Although Jay Dee was never officially signed to Up Above Records, we've had the honor to release one of his most notable singles, "Fuck The Police"

The story begins when our East Coast rep D-Smooth connected with Jay Dee as he was shopping around the "Fuck the Police" single. Over the phone D-Smooth let KeyKool, co-owner of Up Above Records, listen to the track. As KeyKool put it, "I fell out of my seat and told D to get Jay Dee whatever he wants."

"Fuck The Police" soon spread through the globe like a virus. From LA to Detroit to Japan and Europe, you can hear them chant, "On the count of three say 'Fuck The Police' - one, two three..." FUCK THE POLICE!!!

The 12" eventually went out of print and became a hard to find collector's item. The only CD you can find the song on is from DJ Rhettmatic's "Exclusive Collection" 2xCD (Disc 1- Full tracks // Disc 2- Beat Junkie Mix) which is an Up Above and Manhattan Records collaborative effort to get exclusive records onto one CD.

Rhettmatic later became his tour DJ on his last tour before his passing in February of 2006. The two became good friends on tour and Jay Dee blessed the Up Above family once again with a beat for the Visionaries fourth album, "We Are The Ones (we've been waiting for)".

The Up Above family is blessed to have known and worked with Jay Dee as we all know how much of an impact he has had on not only the hip-hop community, but the lives of anyone who has met him or heard his music.

F*uck The Police - 12in Vinyl Single
F*ck The Police (repress) - 12in Vinyl Single
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Monday, August 10, 2009
Jay Dee's classic 12-inch "F-ck The Police" has been digitized and immortalized forever and is now available on iTunes and all other digital stores worldwide!

The beat is now a staple for every DJ in the world and his raps and chorus are unforgettable. On the count of three say F-ck the Police / One / Two / Three - (you know what it is)!

The digi-single comes with the street, clean and instrumental tracks as well as the slept on B-side "Move"

Click the link below to check it out! ...Read More
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