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DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo
Rising from a rare breed of audio architects, Nu-mark is one of the seasoned few able to conjure up his own sound in time. For well over 10 years, he’s been one of the West Coast’s most respected hip-hop producers, best known for his beat-making for Jurassic 5, alongside long-time colleague Cut-Chemist. Sculpting the entire J5 catalog, Nu-Mark has earned towering praise for his production abilities and stage showmanship as sound selector for his MC counterparts. On Blend Crafters however, Nu-Mark is ready to join peers like Madlib, Jay Dee and Hi-Tek as a formidable solo producer.

With an entire tracklist of listening highlights, DJ Nu-Mark and Pomo venture into a realm of music unexplored until now. Blend Crafters incorporates every imaginable avenue of instrumentation; from flute-forays to chopped-up strings to harmonious keyboard loops, this album displays an arsenal of innovative drum patterns and unorthodox influxes that are simply unparalleled. On this forthcoming project, DJ Nu-Mark has truly created an amazing assembly of hand-crafted beat barrages… Remember to follow the leader.

Blend Crafters - Full Length
Melody Remix feat. MF DOOM - 12in Vinyl Single
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
The man that brought you Blendcrafters, DJ Nu-Mark, has a new website up and running with a free mix, The Brady Taboo" to download.

From Nu-Mark: My Peeps, "The Brady Taboo" is intended to be part 2 to my "Take Me With You" mix on Mochilla/V-Tech. It combines World Music and dialogue from the Brady Bunch episode where they vacation in Hawaii and find a Taboo idle in the sand. "Take Me With You" is meant to accompany you on your next vacation while "The Brady Taboo" is what happens when a vacation goes sour. Enjoy, Uncle Nu

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011
DJ Nu-Mark got a free Dilla mix on his Soundcloud to DOWNLOAD. Info from Uncle Nu below: House Shoes Presents: Raise It Up - A Tribute to James "J Dilla" Yancey. Feb. 7, 2011 Little Temple, Los Angeles.

This mix was the set I did at Little Temple. I had fun teasing Babu that night about playing a super crackley record before I went on after he murdered it. Dilla is my favorite Hip Hop producer. To this day one of the highest compliments I've received is that he sampled one of my snares!! R.I.P. to Dilla one of very few that mastered his instrument (the MPC)!!!!

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