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Jurassic 5
Hip-hop is not dead. Indeed, contrary to the cries of some cynics, the vibrant cultural offering that is hip-hop music is alive and well. And nowhere is that point more apparent than with the heralded Los Angeles crew Jurassic 5 and their debut full-length album Quality Control. Consisting of four MCs and two DJs, Jurassic 5 is a throwback of sorts, referencing a by-gone era in hip-hop when the only thing that mattered was the music and having fun. In sound, the four MCs Chali 2NA, Zaakir, Akil, and Marc 7 conjure up the dynamic flows of old-school groups like the Cold Crush Brothers and Double Trouble: harmonic convergence, dynamic vocal inflections, and fly b-boy bravado. Jurassic 5's beat-providers, Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark, rock the decks with inventive, original beats that hark back to the true DJ innovators. With Jurassic 5, it's a more innocent, irreverent time that comes to mind, from the early days of jams in the parks to the creative insurgence of the Native Tongues era.

Power In Numbers Instrumentals - Full Length
Feedback - Full Length
Brown Girl - 12in Vinyl Single
Gotta Understand - 12in Vinyl Single
Baby Please - 12in Vinyl Single
The Influence - 12in Vinyl Single
Canto De Ossanha - 12in Vinyl Single
Work It Out - 12in Vinyl Single
Quality Control - 12in Vinyl Single
Red Hot - 12in Vinyl Single
Improvise - 12in Vinyl Single
Freedom - 12in Vinyl Single
Hey/If You Only Knew - 12in Vinyl Single
Jayou - 12in Vinyl Single
Quality Control 2xLP - 2xLP
Quality Control Instrumentals 2xLP - 2xLP
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