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“One of ten rappers from Urb’s Bleeding Edge” Hailing from mid-city Los Angeles, indie-rap heavyweight 2Mex, otherwise known as the SonGodSuns, began building his name at the legendary Good Life Café, which has spawned tons of luminaries such as Freestyle Fellowship, Abstract Rude, and Jurassic 5 to name a few. With too many guest appearances to name and a show schedule that fills up the calendar, 2Mex rides along the jagged edge of hip-hop music with a fearless abandonment. Constantly proving himself as a solo artist and member of the Visionaries, Shape Shifters, and Of Mexican Descent, 2Mex is coined by many as the “hardest working man in underground hip-hop.” With his confessional writing style and revolutionary sarcasm, 2Mex has built an enormous buzz throughout the music world, gaining strong support from college radio, receiving video rotation on MTV-2, touring year round, and collecting a loyal legion of followers. He has become a mainstay act amongst deejays, backpackers, punk-rockers, and all music fans alike. While 2Mex has displayed his expressive flair on numerous individual and crew projects, he now presents the long-awaited album under the “SonGodSuns” moniker. In describing the oncoming surge, he says that "My solo work is just about having the freedom to do whatever I want. It’s about not being afraid to admit that groups like “They Might Be Giants” and the “Cure” or “Eels” are what I really listen to. It’s me listening to Elliott Smith and trying to re-create that in hip-hop form." In this candid approach, “Over The Counter Culture” is a journal entry into the bleeding heart of the “SonGodSuns.”

Over The Counter Culture - Full Length
Once Again - 12in Vinyl Single
Everyday - 12in Vinyl Single
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