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Writer's Block
Lord Zen and Dannu of Visionaries form the potent duo known as Writers Block. Noted for the weight of their poetic lyricisms through numerous works and grassroots campaigning, Writers Block has accumulated a strong following in the college and underground markets worldwide; yet, their palatable melodies help create an intoxicating sound captivating a vastly broader music listening market. Writers Block first appeared as a group, (known as Disciples of the Sound at the time) on the Key-Kool & Rhettmatic Kozmonautz album on the Visionaries inaugural song -Visionaries- (Stop Actin’ Scary). As 1/3 of the Visionaries, Writers Block contributed their musical talents on the Visionaries debut album -Galleries-, followed by the second album -Sophomore Jinx. Writers Block released their first 12 inch. 3 song single and soon after, the energetic Basically had fans at live shows bouncing from Los Angeles to Berlin, and the minimalist rooted Truth Serum caught a buzz on mixshow and mixtapes. The duo followed-up with the eclectic single featuring production from Los Angeles underground producers Omid (aka O.D. of Beneath the Surface) on -Situations-, Mums the Word on -Apples and Oranges-, and Visionaries constituent Key-Kool on Poetry Explains. The 3rd single from Writers Block brought forth the brother Asiatic DJ Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies) on the head-nodding No More No Less, with the flipside DJ anthem Spin the Wax produced by Key-Kool. This single sold out immediately, and the first repress was completely sold before manufacturing was finished: Writers Block has definitely accumulated quite a fan base. Staying with the grassroots -word of mouth- philosophy, the Writers Block debut album -En Route- has been accessible to loyal WB/Visionaries fans sold only at shows and selected websites, and is now available in all fine retailers worldwide on UP ABOVE RECORDS. This critically acclaimed album features production by Omid, Mums the Word, DJ ICD of Blak Forest, Nucleus, and Visionaries producers DJ Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies) & Key-Kool.

En Route - Full Length
Basically - 12in Vinyl Single
No More No Less - 12in Vinyl Single
Microphone Love - 12in Vinyl Single
Poetry Explains - 12in Vinyl Single
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Thursday, January 03, 2008
LORD ZEN (Visionaries/Writer's Block) has released a solo album with renown Producer Dave Harrow as the LVX COLLECTIVE (LVX is pronounced LUX meaning "Light" in Latin).

The album, entitled "50.5.10." is available now and also features Dannu (Visionaries/Writer's Block), Goddess Azul (vocals), Jah C (vocals/dancehall chanter), and Greg Reeves (bass).

Go find the LVX Collective at Amoeba, Fat Beats or online at Virginmega.com.

Click the link below to check out their Myspace page to get a taste of what they're all about!...Read More
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