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Key-Kool & Rhettmatic
Key-Kool & Rhettmatic are the first Asian-American rap group to release album recognized by the hip-hop community; their 1995 Up Above Records release Kozmonautz received critical acclaim in the music and academic worlds alike. The Source Magazine (Feb. ’96) refer to Key-Kool & Rhettmatic as Asian hip-hop soldiers and call their b-side posse cut E=MC5 an underground classic. Key-Kools lyrical thesis on the incarceration of Japanese in America during World War II, Reconcentrated, has been used in classrooms of such prestigious universities such as NYU, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Loyola University Chicago, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Irvine, UC Davis, to name a few.

DJ Rhettmatic is one of the founding members of one of the World Famous Beat Junkies. Rhettmatic is a West Coast DMC champion as a solo battle DJ, and holds 2 ITF Team World Champion titles with the Beat Junkies. Along with his production work, his mix CD World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 2 has gained Rhettmatic recognition worldwide.

As founding members for the underground super-group the Visionaries, Key-Kool & Rhettmatic have provided lyrics, scratches, and production talents building with their talented musical family, traveling the world showcasing their brand of conscious underground hip-hop. Key-Kool & Rhettmatic are currently working on their long awaited follow-up to Kozmonautz.

Kozmonuatz - Full Length
Can You Hear It? - 12in Vinyl Single
Head Trip - 12in Vinyl Single
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