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Album Tracks
Fall Guy
Love It To Death
Say Goodbye
The Heat
Guys Like Me ft. Josh Martinez
Album Description
Album Type: Full Length
Released: 5/31/2005

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Through his rapid-fire rhymes and melodic delivery, Sleep sheds candid insight on a number of topics throughout; from empty pockets to personal triumphs and broken hearts to dreams fulfilled, the album is an autobiographical account of his everyday experiences, in all its joys, pains, and everything in between. The project features vocal appearances from Masta Ace, Abstract Rude, Josh Martinez, members of Oldominion, and guest production from Vitamin D, Maker, Pale Soul & Smoke to name a few. With untamed creativity and entertaining on-stage antics, itÕs only a matter of time before the world fully grasps the undeniable talent of Sleep. Christopher is the wake-up call.
Emerging from the buzzworthy crew known as Oldominion (which includes Grayskul, Onry Ozzborn, & Boom Bap Project), Sleep now presents his brand new full-length record Christopher on Up Above Records.
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