Album Cover
Tripping On This Journey
Album Tracks
Opening Statement
The Gift
Hard To Do
Blast Off
All Out
Rhyme Animal
Face To Face
Cold Cut
Make Tracks
The Offering
Album Description
Tripping On This Journey
Album Type: Full Length
Released: 8/10/2010

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LMNO continues to bring the heat on Tripping On This Journey, his 7th full-length album of 2010. Partnering with budding French producer Astronote, Visionaries member LMNO tears through the LP’s 11 tracks with clever wordplay, raw emotion and his patent flows.

Since their introduction to one another in 2006, LMNO has never rejected an Astronote beat. According to LMNO, every batch of beats Astronote sent was “truly inspirational,” and the two continued to send one another beats and vocals via the Internet. Having never met while making this album (they finally met in June 2010 while LMNO was on tour in France), the two never planned on making a full-length LP until the opportunity presented itself in the form of LMNO’s run of 10 albums in 2010. Tripping On This Journey is a true testament to the duos uncanny chemistry and work ethic.

Hailing from Paris, France, Astronote is quickly becoming one of the most sought after producers in Hip-Hop. His thick, up tempo style of boom-bap beats have garnered Astronote worldwide attention as he continues to build his already impressive resume, working with the likes of Talib Kweli, Buff1, Donwill of Tanya Morgan, Joell Ortiz, Guilty Simpson and Mayer Hawthorne. Taking the hip-hop world by storm, Astronote is destined to be the next great producer in the music industry.

LMNO proves yet again that he has an amazing ear for superior production on his 7th full-length album of the year. With no guest features to distract your attention, the spotlight is truly on LMNO to shine as he proves why he has been one of the most respected emcees since the early 90’s.
1. Opening Statement
2. The Gift
3. Hard To Do
4. Blast Off
5. All Out
6. Rhyme Animal
7. Face To Face
8. Cold Cut
9. Make Tracks
10. Introducing
11. The Offering
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