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Banger Management
Album Tracks
Banger Management
Arcade ft. Declaime & MED
That Bang!
Cold Spirit
Both Sides Spin
Give It Up ft. Kev Brown
The Climate
Hands Up
Album Description
Banger Management
LMNO & Mr. Brady
Album Type: Full Length
Released: 7/6/2010

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LMNO of the Visionaries is back with his sixth full-length album of 2010 collaborating with longtime friend, producer/emcee Mr. Brady for Banger Management. The hard hitting, head nodding 12-track album is jam packed with pure hip-hop featuring guest appearances by Declaime, MED and Kev Brown.

Having toured together in early 2009, LMNO and Mr. Brady decided to record an album together and got started almost immediately. Having recorded a few tracks over the span of a year, it wasn’t until LMNO announced that he was releasing 10 albums in 2010 that the two really got to work on what is now known as Banger Management. The album is completely produced by Mr. Brady, and the two go back and forth on rhyming duties creating some of the purist hip-hop in this day and age.

Mr. Brady has been in the hip-hop game for nearly two decades now releasing numerous solo albums, including two major releases under the Battle-Axe label, as well as three albums with his group Deep Rooted. Brady has collaborated and produced for a variety of artists including Diamond D, Guilty Simpson, OneBeLo, Blu, Main Flow, Aloe Blacc, Killah Priest, OHNO, Swollen Members and more.

LMNO of the Visionaries continues his yearlong campaign of 10 albums in 2010 with this being his sixth full-length album of the year. Collaborating with a different artist/producer for each project, the LMNO and Mr. Brady album will finally see the light of day and give these two underrated hip-hop living legends the respect and praise they deserve.
1. Banger Management
2. Original
3. Shoot
4. Arcade feat. Declaime & MED
5. That Bang!
6. Cold Spirit
7. Both Sides Spin
8. Give It Up feat. Kev Brown
9. Stomp
10. The Climate
11. Consistence
12. Hands Up
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