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Acid Massive Pt. 1
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Acid Massive Pt. 1
Album Type: EP
Released: 11/16/2004

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SIDE A: Tracks 1-7 With his trademark raw, dusty sound, Kan Kick delivers more smoked out instrumentals for DJ’s to put in the mix. This side features: Say, The West Turn, Shore Breezin', Forward Infinity, Sun Soul, Untitled Theme For An Untitled Soundtrack, Government Sessions. SIDE B: Tracks 8-14 This flipside features the songs: Usama Bush Laden, Untitled 1, Hashish Hop, Quack F**k (skit), Citywalk: Broad's Groove, Soul Judgement, The Killer Pt. 2
“Acid Massive Musical” is the newest full-length project from the producer known as Kan Kick. This instrumental / breakbeat album is being released on CD by
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